Exercise Your Way to Optimal Fitness and Wellness

Encouraging Customers to Get Fit Since 1983

Exercise Your Way to Optimal Fitness and Wellness

Encouraging Customers to Get Fit Since 1983



Add Intense Workout Activities to Your Lifestyle for a Healthier You

The Brickyard Gym in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has the equipment and experience needed to ensure our customers’ fitness goals are met. We cater to a wide variety of customers, including beginners, strongmen, and bodybuilders.

Our Amenities

Members at our gym have access to our showers, locker rooms, and infrared saunas. We also have tanning beds available for an extra fee. Our gym has an old-school feel with its cement floors and brick walls.

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About Our Owner

Ken Weber is passionate about helping customers take the first step to improve their fitness and overall health. Inspired by his dedication, we help and motivate customers to achieve their fitness goals.

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“I love brickyard an the people who r truly passionate about lifting!!! great place to learn and make serious changes!!!”
-Oliver Janus

“Absolutely one of the best gyms in the state”
- Larry Olson

“This gym is awesome
AWESOME!!! Everyone is so friendly, it’s not super crowded and you don’t get the whole “meat head” vibe. You feel like your back in the 80s in a good way. They have a sauna, showers and tanning beds too! It’s only $5 for a drop in. We are touring musicians so this is so perfect for us and doesn’t break the bank!”
- Kelly Ann

"love it there Kenny is an awesome business owner and makes you feel at home”
-David Romo

“Has a comfortable grunge type of feel, without having that weird industrial feeling of a bigger gym, while maintaining high cleanliness. Between the cardio equipment, training machines, and free weights, it's got everything you'll need for a full work out.”
- Cody Evans

"I have belonged to many corporate gyms “Golds, L.A. fitness, Anytime, etc.” but the feel at Brickyard is completely unique. You will never work harder in a gym then you will at Brickyard. It’s like walking into Mighty Micks Gym in Rocky, it’s has a great old school vibe and screams “Push harder” the moment you pick a weight up! I highly recommend Brickyard to anybody looking to get into shape!”
- Christopher Feldmann


Hours of Operation

The Brickyard Gym is open 7 days a week, including holidays.

Contact Us

We’d be more than happy to help you get started and succeed with a fitness routine that pushes you to be the best and strongest version of yourself. For any questions, send us a message.